Pictured above are Lynn, Jim, and Ethan, all Canadians who decided to complete the Virtual Krispy Kreme Challenge! You may note the short-sleeved attire, which is due to them finishing the race during a holiday in Florida, although they live in Canada. Lynn, Jim, and Ethan completed the Virtual Race on Boxing Day, also known as December 26th. They can be seen with Wolfpack (woofpack?) mugs that held coffee as well as water. Congrats on the run, guys! We wish you all could be in Raleigh on February 4th!

Don’t forget that you (yes, YOU!) can still participate in the Krispy Kreme Challenge and support the UNC Children’s Hospital from afar or locally! Both the Virtual Race and the Raleigh race are still open, and “dough-nations” are always accepted! Remember, it’s you that makes this tradition possible!