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The Krispy Kreme Challenge is a Sustainable Event Champion, the highest level of event certification given by the NC State Sustainability Office. This certification was achieved through a steadfast dedication to sustainability and stewardship throughout the entire process of planning the Krispy Kreme Challenge. From our usage of digital promotion for the event, buying compostable cups to reduce landfill waste, and setting up clearstreams within our recycling/waste diversion plan, the Krispy Kreme Challenge strives for zero waste which is “a philosophy of thoughtful reuse, composting, and recycling in order to minimize waste sent to landfills.”


Green Efforts

  • About 1800 pounds of waste diverted from landfill which translates to about 4,000 gallons of composted material instead of landfill waste
  • Equivalent to about eliminating 1,600 pounds of Carbon Dioxide in the form of methane produced from landfill wastes
  • Follows Zero Waste Initiatives in waste management plan
  • Mostly digital promotion plan
  • Purchases made from local businesses



New this year

  • 20,000 compostable cups
  • Sustainable Event Champion (last year only Sustainable Event Steward)


Become a part of our sustainable event and show your support for the UNC Children's Hospital by running the Krispy Kreme Challenge!