Meet Lynn, Jim, and Ethan!

Pictured above are Lynn, Jim, and Ethan, all Canadians who decided to complete the Virtual Krispy Kreme Challenge! You may note the short-sleeved attire, which is due to them finishing the race during a holiday in Florida, although they live in Canada. Lynn, Jim, and Ethan completed the Virtual Race on Boxing Day, also known as December 26th. They can be seen with Wolfpack (woofpack?) mugs that held coffee as well as water. Congrats on the run, guys! We wish you all could be in Raleigh on February 4th!

Don’t forget that you (yes, YOU!) can still participate in the Krispy Kreme Challenge and support the UNC Children’s Hospital from afar or locally! Both the Virtual Race and the Raleigh race are still open, and “dough-nations” are always accepted! Remember, it’s you that makes this tradition possible!


 Meet Larry!

Meet Larry!

Meet Larry, a Virtual Krispy Kreme runner from New Jersey! Larry is a class of 1968 NC State Alumni. He completed the virtual Krispy Kreme Challenge  on January 14th, his first jog in seventeen years! Don’t fail to notice him repping the Pack with a NC State sweatshirt and chair! His granddaughter is a current NC State student, and Larry is going to be volunteering on race day with her and his wife.


It’s amazing to see what lengths people from all over the country decide go in order to participate in a NC State tradition and support the UNC Children’s Hospital! Remember that you can still be a part of the tradition by signing up for the Challenge, registering for the virtual race, or by making a donation!

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Race Day 2017

We are thrilled to announce that the 2017 Race Date has been officially approved by the city of Raleigh. The date will be announced shortly!